Sunday, December 14, 2014

Top Five Things I Heard at This Weekend's Card Show

Having missed the previous area card show, I eagerly awaited the latest one. Anticipating the Winter show somewhat surprised me because, as I have previously posted, they have become quite stale. Nevertheless, I took somewhat of a different approach to this one and I think it paid off.

So for the next few days I'm going to post some of the highlights from the latest of our quarterly shows- beginning with the top five things I heard at the card show. While they are not in any particular order in regards to favorites, they will be in chronological order.

1- "I just bought that table for $3000"

The dealer at my first stop of the day told me that if I needed anything to flag him down- that he would be over across the room. He said that he had bought the table, and I thought he had simply reserved a second table. I went about my business, rummaging through his 50 cent box (buying the four above). At one point he told another dealer (my usual 'vintage guy'-who wasn't set up today) that he had paid a guy 3G's for some 'really good stuff.' Glad to hear that the hobby is thriving (or at least it is for this guy?).

2- "There were so many great little oddball boxes sets back then."

I eventually moseyed past a few other tables before stopping at the one manned by a veteran dealer who's a regular to this show. He's usually got vintage binders that are worth looking at, but today something else caught my eye: a nice stack of 1990 Score McDonald's. If you're aware of these beauties, then you'll know that they were available only in a handful of McDonald's in Idaho and Oregon and are among the scarcest of food-issues and oddballs from the era. Anyway, as we were discussing these cards one of the guys involved in our conversation mentioned how the hobby had so many great boxed sets back then: Woolworth, Kaybee Toys, K-Mart. This brought joy to my heart & I wasn't afraid to let my feelings known: I find far more enjoyment out of those things than most of the current offerings in today's hobby.

Back in a previous collecting life, I had a number of the Micky D's- but let them go when I got out of the hobby around 2001. Most are out of my price range today, but I did get this one of Julio Franco for $5. I'd still like to find his T206 Rookie card, however. HaHa.

3- "I've lost interest in football [cards]. Baseball's much more exciting, hold's its value better and is a better seller for me." 

This, to be honest, shocked me. While there has typically been a few dealers who offer a nice selection of vintage stuff, football seems to rule the Boise market (at least at the card shows). I've seen dealers who have stopped bringing baseball to the shows and narrow their selection to football only. Part of this probably has to do with the success of the Boise State football program, but I think it's just a reflection of sports in general. People are just passionate about the sport and for some reason, in our market that spills over into the hobby. 

After hearing that, I just HAD to buy something from this dealer, and I did- three of which are pictured above.

4- "The die-cuts are 50 cents each."

Shortly after leaving Mr. Baseball's table, I saw a young woman sitting behind a table, wearing a #2 Browns jersey. I figured she wouldn't have any baseball, but decided to look anyway- and I'm glad I did. 

Two binders housed some baseball cards and I thumbed through the first one until I found the Braves pages. I quickly snagged the Julio Teheran and Andrelton Simmons cards and then opened up the next binder. Low and behold- Fire, one of the most beautiful die-cut designs I've seen. There were also some of the Dueling Die-Cuts, another set that's not bad looking. Something told me that this girl wasn't going to be asking for the moon on these cards, so I asked her how much. "50 cents on the die-cuts, 25 cents for everything else." Um, okay. I figured I'd pick up one for myself and others that I can use as trade bait.

5- "I used to collect Braves"

I know, a bit strange, right? 'Used to'- that ought to bring sorrow to my heart, but, at least for yesterday, it didn't. His loss was my gain.

My final stop brought me to a table which had pretty much nothing but football. The guy noticed my Braves hoodie and hat and said, "Let me guess. You're looking for Braves cards? I used to collect the Braves. Let me dig a few out." So he did- not a large stack, but perhaps ten cards. I probably over paid on these things, but hey, he didn't appear to be selling much and I've got to help out a fan or whatever it is he calls himself.

As I said at the beginning of this post, my approach this time out was different: rather than looking to complete team sets, I was going for anything cheap that fits into my player collections or my food-issue/oddball  collections. It seemed to be a pretty productive day and I was pretty happy with all I was able to pick up.


  1. Those McDonald's cards are rare. In 1990 I was buying anything that got me baseball cards, and I never came across any of those. Must be living in the wrong part of the state to have gotten those.

  2. I planned on getting out to the show this time around, but my dad needed a ride somewhere and that turned into Christmas shopping and lunch. Once we were done with all that my 3-year old twins were ready to go home and I didn't want to risk hauling them into a card show.

  3. I'd love to see what kind of stuff 3k fetched... and that McDonalds Franco is awesome. Kinda glad to see that Gwynn missed the checklist. Can't imagined how much I'd have to pay for his single if he was.

  4. I love the purple-backed Kay Bee cards. Still have 'em...