Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Penny For Your Thoughts, er- Card

The New Year is upon us and the first cards I received in 2015 are....

2014 Topps Chrome Topps Shelf #TS-CKl Craig Kimbrel

I really like this offering from Topps- even if the photos on them look like something that Panini would use on one of their sets (the style of which I'm not a real fan of). It will go into my Kimbrel Collection.

The cost for this one? One penny on eBay.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the second card I opened on January 2nd for that low of a price. I got caught up in the bidding on it and ended up paying $6.12 for it- which I suppose isn't too bad considering the set is only numbered to /50. I had put the Maddux on my want list, but I'm re-evaluating my Maddux collection and think I'll skip on it.

2014 Topps High Tek Teknicians #99T-TG Tom Glavine

Can't think of a better example of a technician on the mound. Tommy wasn't much of a thrower- but knew how to pitch. Well done, Topps. Well done.

One of the things about the acetate Tek cards- looking at the back reminds me of the 'Backwards Masking' controversy from the 80s. Clearly this card, when read backwards, says, "I should have never joined the Mets."

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