Saturday, January 3, 2015

And the Winners Are.... (Contest Winners Announced)

In case you missed it, I recently celebrated the 5th anniversary of re-entering the hobby and I decided to mark the occasion with a giveaway. 

Twelve brave souls left comments on that post, telling me how long they have been in the hobby and for their efforts became elgible for the giveaway. I placed each name in the randomizer list last night, pressed the button, and...PRESTO! Here are the results:

I will give the winner the choice of which card he would like, with the other card going to 2nd place. If your one of the two winners, please email me at cornellsteven5 at g mail dot com, and let me know where to send the cards to (and Daniel, please let me know which one you'd like!).

Thanks to all who participated!!


  1. Third place is first loser!

  2. Thanks for the contest! I sent you an email!

  3. really wanted the Rice but Cashner is a good consolation--thanks for the contest again