Thursday, January 8, 2015

Base(ball) Oddity #23: Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

I haven't posted any Goals for 2015 (yet), but one of said goals-were they to exist- would be to add to my oddballs/food-issues/regional collection. It would be more of a 'FrankenSet'- featuring one sample from as many sets as possible. In fact, yes, I think I will do just that. I'll create a beast of a set. Muahahahaha!!!!

When Topps and the Chicago Cubs made the announcement in 2013 that there would be an exclusive, limited-edition 82 card set of Topps Archives Chicago Cubs baseball cards, it was enough to make me want to adopt the Cubs as the younger brother to the Braves. Well, not really- but I did think it was a pretty stinking cool idea.

If you haven't heard of the set, the cards were given away over four different home dates (May 3: #1-20; July 5: #21-40; August 2 #41-60; August 30 #61-82). Cards were given to the first 10,000 fans at each of those home games and has a pretty impressive checklist.

Anyway, I picked up a part from this set for my FrankenSet- this Shawon Dunston card modeled after the 1996 Topps set and numbered Cubs5.

Dunston, while a good major leaguer, never lived up to the expectations of a number 1 overall pick after being rushed through the system and up to the big league club. He possessed one of the best infield arms you or I will ever witness and had very good range, plus his energy and attitude made him a fan favorite in Wrigley.

It's funny- I looked up his baseball reference webpage and see a player that I don't remember too well. I guess I was expecting him to have been more of an offensive threat. I don't put a huge amount of stock into WAR, but he was often barely a reserve according to their WAR stats.

So anyway- I do like the looks of this card- especially the '77 design on back (which is strange w/ the '96 front!!). Plus, I got to watch his kid play in Boise a couple of years ago, so I decided this was the card for me.

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