Friday, January 16, 2015

Base(ball) Oddity #24: 2000, Man

'Well my name is a number, a piece of plastic film...don't you know,  I'm a 2000 man.'~ The Rolling Stones- 2000 Man

Welcome to the twenty-fourth edition in a series on oddball baseball issues. Today, perhaps the strangest of all...

Despite having former Diamondback Erubial Durazo in the set, the final slurpee coin set from 7-11 was, in my opinion, the best offering from the convenience store giant. I'm strictly talking aesthetics here; nothing can beat the sets from my childhood, as far as the checklist. Earlier designs might have been difficult to tell from one year to the next, but there's no mistaking the 2000's.

2000 Seven-Eleven Slurpee Coins #3 Chipper Jones
We have all heard of how the ball looks when a player is 'in the zone.' Well, I'm pretty sure that the ball didn't look like one of these Slurpee Coins when Chipper Jones stepped to the plate during the 1999 season. Well, at least it didn't during the final three months of the season, as Hoss hit .349/.485/.756 with 31 homer over the last 81 games of the year- winning the NL MVP in the process.

Where Have You Gone, Chipper Jones?

Looking at these discs- even one from 2000- takes me back to my childhood. We had 7-11's around here back then.

You see, all of our local franchise stores sold out to a competitor about, oh, I don't know, ten years ago. Maybe longer; maybe fewer.

Gone are the Big Gulps; gone are the Slurpees; gone are the discs.

Chipper- wouldn't you like it if Slurpee Discs were still being produced?

Yeah, me, too.

At least we still have Chipper.

Oh, thank heaven for 7-11. And Number 10.

*In case you're wondering, the selfies were tweeted by Chip during the Ohio State-Oregon game the other night. I'm still trying to decide whether or not he picked up a few 40oz bottles of "800" (Olde English, that is) before the festivities. 

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  1. I remember getting yelled at by the guy who worked at 7-11 for checking to see what coin was in my cup before I added my Slurpee to it. Good times.