Friday, January 9, 2015

Food-Issue Friday: Chicagoland McDonaldland

This may very well be the first time that I've ran consecutive posts featuring cards that are not Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves. We're either going to start a trend, or it will be an anomaly; at this point, I don't know which it will be. Even stranger, it's two consecutive Cub posts. Lord, help us.

Yesterday's featured player, Shawon Dunston, made up half of the Cubs double-play combo that played together for eleven seasons on the northside. His partner in crime, Ryne Sandberg, is the subject of today's card. 

While not as scarce as the 1990 Score McDonald's cards, the 1992 Topps McDonald's Baseball's Best set does have this going for it: Gold Foil. And black borders, which make this set a little more difficult to keep in mint condition. 

Yet another addition to my oddball/food-issue/regional Frankenset (I have Braves from this set but they're in a different binder), I found this card of the Cubs Hall of Fame second baseman at the most recent show for 50 cents. The price was certainly right. 

In trying to keep a good diversity of players in this binder, I really didn't want to add Ryno- he'll undoutedly be available on many other issues- but it's not very often that one sees a card featuring a check-swing as the photo. If anyone just found their next PC, you're welcome.

All this talk of McDonald's and Chicago got me curious: how many Micky D's are there in Chicagoland? provided one curious inquisitor with an answer of 124 within Chicago. pulled up 255- but that might be for the total within greater Chicagoland with all its suburbs. Another thing I did not know: the corporation is headquartered in Oak Brook- a suburb of Chicago. Whenever I think of McDonalds, I assume that they're H.Q.'d out of southern California. *Providing you with useless facts is just another service I provide*


#WalletCard sighting

I dropped my daughter off at youth group a couple of nights ago and decided to go to McDonald's to get some coffee while I waited. Who did I see, but Mini Murph!

I was actually a little hesitant to pull #WalletCard out right there in a public place like that. I mean, what would people think should they see it? It'd look weird. But then I decided to heck with it- we're talking about McDonald's. That seems to be the only kind of people who hang out there.

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