Friday, January 23, 2015

Food-Issue Friday: Vocal Warm Up

do, do, do, do

Clears throat 

Bee-chum. Blow-zer. Bell-yard.

Grabs scotch. Drinks scotch.

Bee-chum. Blow-zer. Bell-yard. (While checking self out in mirror)

Clears throat.

A triumvirate Lykes hot dog vendors.

hot dog vendors. Ven-doors

hooodooo hooodooo

Blowzer. Blowzer was born on the bayou.

The human vacuum is a fast freight train.

choooglin  choooglin

Beech is on his daddy's knee.

THE Beech. the BEECH

War Chant sounds.

We're on in

Good evening. Leading off tonight, we will take a look at three recently acquired cards from the 1995 Lykes Braves set...

Bumper music....

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