Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sweet Leaf

When I first met you, didn't realize. I can't forget you, or your surprise. You introduced me to my mind. And left me wanting- you and your kind... My life was empty, forever on a down. Until you took me, showed me around. My life is free now, my life is clear. I love you sweet Leaf, though you can't hear." ~ Black Sabbath's Sweet Leaf

You think I'm going to talk about dope, but I'm not.

 Yeah, that's right- I'm talking the best drug of all... cardboard. Cheap, mind blowing and highly addictive. Although, as you may have come to realize, it has been known to cause burnout.

As I was going through the collection recently, putting team sets into binders, I ran across a few singles from the 1992 Leaf baseball set. Surprisingly, I came up really short on the number I needed to complete the Braves team set. Fifteen in all were needed, so I headed on over to Sportlots, found a dealer who was able to supply my needs, and finished off the set. My pocket book took a very small hit: $2.70 for all of them.

My love for Leaf began in 1991- the year I re-entered the hobby; it would have started a year earlier, had I been collecting then. The big appeal for me in '91 and '92 was the grey used on the borders (as well as the use of the color in the 1990 release). It had an elegant look to it and the nice, clean design on the back left me wanting more. It was, as the kids say today, dope.

Nineteen Ninety-Three came and with it, changes. Gone was the grey; instead, color. Intense and rich. Foil and high gloss were introduced to us, as well as full-color bleed photos. It was a new strain of cardboard; a cheap knock off of Stadium Club and Ultra, brands which had opened my mind to entirely new things.

Unfortunately, my love for Leaf wouldn't last but for another year or two. By 1995, I was done with it, looking for something different. A new high.

That year, I found Fleer.

As Dayf over at Cardboard Junkie would say, do cards- not drugs. Otherwise, you might end up like Mr. Osbourne.

Does anybody still collect Leaf around here?! 

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