Friday, January 30, 2015

Take the Whole Family!

The last time I took our family (five of us) to a major league baseball game, I had to drop $200 on tickets- and that's not counting concessions or souvenirs. Now, granted, we did have some pretty nice seats on the third base line AND we got to see Ken Griffey Jr.'s final major league at-bat, but still... I couldn't afford that luxury but maybe once a year if we lived any where near a major league city. But once upon a time, a guy could afford to have the best seats in the house without having to break the bank.

As cool as they are, I have never collected team pocket schedules. But I had a change of heart recently as I was searching for Dale Murphy items on eBay- where I came across this item (well, actually a lot of 6) for all of 99 cents.

Eight bucks and change for the best seats you could buy at the box office? Not too bad- I think a guy could have actually attended quite a few games a year at that kind of price. Heck, the wife and kids could have joined him as well.

If there's anyone interested in trading for one of these, shoot me a line & I'll send one your way.

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