Wednesday, January 21, 2015


My geekdom began as a teenager who loved music. My older sister may disagree, but I digress.

Countless times during my high school years my three closest friends and me would pack into one of our cars and head over to Boise, which is a twenty-five mile drive from our hometown. The occasion? Record release day (always on a Tuesday, I do believe). Westgate Records, or Five-Mile Records, would be our destination to pick up our copies of the latest album by whichever hard rock act. But before that exciting day hit, there was another moment of great anticipation- and that was the day we would hear the release dates for said albums (usually in Circus or Hit Parader magazine).

Well, yesterday was that day. But instead of hearing which act is releasing an upcoming album, it's what cards are going to be included in 2015 Topps Series 1. This year, however, was marked not with anticipation as much as it was trepidation. 

What caused such a feeling? Well, if you've followed the hot stove league, you are aware of the many moves Atlanta has made during the offseason. And I just had a bad feeling that many of the Braves players featured in Series 1 would be individuals who will no longer don the Red, White, and Blue of my team. 

So as I sat down to eat my lunch, I found the checklist and so began the pain.

36  Julio Teheran (yay!!!!- he's still on the team!!!)
x 58 Evan Gattis---Hello, Houston
64 Braves team card---We still have a team?
x 69 Justin Upton---Where in the world is Justin Sandiego?
73 Freddie Freeman---who will he hug?
x 181 Jason Heyward---the man who would turn Dayf against us
184 B.J. Upton---Come get a BJ bobblehead
x 201 Tommy LaStella--- Maybe Chip Caray can get him a table at his grandfathers restaurant
202 Mike Minor--- I fully expect him to be next on the block
255 James Russell---now we're talking; I"m getting excited about collecting now
283 Chris Johnson---*yawn*
x 349 League Leaders- JUp, Adrian Gonzalez and Giancarlo Stanton---Up Up and Away

What, no Zoilo Almonte?!!

So as you can tell, a number of cards in the team set feature ex-Braves, each marked with an 'X.' Hardly anything to get excited about. But, to rub salt in the proverbial wound, Topps went and made an insert set called 'First Pitch' featuring celebs who threw out the first pitch at ballparks around the majors. After seeing who was listed under 'Atlanta,' I opened a new tab and googled the name: Austin Mahone. What I saw was this d-bag

Yeah, that will draw interest from 30-60 year old men. Imma chasing that card.

I guess now we'll just wait for Kimbrel to be traded, and then it will be...

Ladies and Gentlemen, your new Braves closer...


  1. So, I'm guessing that you're not excited about the 2015 baseball cards anymore?

    I do like the idea behind the First Pitch insert set - there should be somebody that just about every card collector will recognize in it, though I doubt many will ID them all without Google's help. (I'm still not sure how much I want 50 Cent's First Pitch card - if I add it to my Mets team set, it's only going to be to laugh at him for throwing one of the worst ceremonial first pitches in MLB history.)

    1. I am excited for the release, it's just kind of a bummer that so many trades have happened late and that some of those players were on the checklist.

      The 50 Cent card would be fun, just as a reminder of how horrible his pitch was!