Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Unflattering Photos

Yesterday's post featured a card I found on the COMC website, but it wasn't the only example of cardboard gold I found while window shopping. So, I've decided to feature a few more from the late 70s/early 80s TCMA sets that are just as entertaining. All in good humor, of course.

Leading off is a card chosen because of the subject's name: Bean Stringfellow. 

Surely his teammates called him 'string bean'? Well, he's not skinny- just an unfortunate recipient of a horrible nickname. After his playing days were done, Bean became a player rep with Proformance, a baseball agency he co-founded with Jeff Beck (no, not the guitarist). Unlike many other agencies, these two focus on player negotiations and leave other services (like, ahem, bean counting) to specialists outside the company.

Remember My Name is Earl, and whenever Earl had his photo taken this would happen?

"Ken, Dave Chase. I just want to congratulate you on winning our club's  'Most Flattering Photo' Award."

  *Chase has had a long successful career in baseball, including gigs as President/GM of the Memphis Redbirds, President/ Executive Director: The National Pastime Museum of Minor League Baseball, and President/Publisher of Baseball America for 17 years.

Looks like he doesn't have a clue. Duane Theiss  had a couple of cups of coffee in the majors. And, by the looks of it, a few too many joints while in the minors.

A minor league Elvis-like snarl on his face. Clearly not ready for the bigs. 

Looks more like WUSSinger!!!

Interesting fact: The pride of Notre Dame High School in Utica, NY made it to the bigs as a second baseman for the Braves. No- it's not Mark Lemke, but Jim Wessinger! 

Mad at the world and ready to club something. Perhaps a baby seal. Or maybe he's just pouting. I guess we'll never know.

*See Dave Chase, above*

Looking at these cards leads me to believe that TCMA was on a shoe-string budget. "One photo, that's it." Kind of like a recording artist trying to do something in just one take. It's possible, but oh, so hard to pull off.


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