Thursday, January 15, 2015

We Barely Knew Ya...Lee Lacy

It's strange how sometimes a pretty decent career can be forgotten.

As I was researching today's subject (Lee Lacy) I came across a bit of information that I did not know about the former MLB player: he has a daughter who is a forward for the Tulsa Shock of the WNBA and the former lover of former WNBA star Chamique Holdsclaw. This discovery prompted me to share the news with a sports fan who works in my department . Surprisingly, he didn't remember Lacy (and he's my age, so it wasn't a matter of an entirely different age group not knowing). But, he did remember hearing about Holdsclaw taking out her rage on Miss Lacy. Anyway, this isn't about Lee's daughter, but about the man himself- and I write this just to show how easily we forget those who played in the era of our youth. 

Lacy, whom the Braves received from the Dodgers in a trade that also brought Tom Paciorek, Jerry Royster and Jim Wynn over to the team in exchange for Dusty Baker and Ed Goodson, had an incredibly short stay in Atlanta. Fifty games into the 1976 season, the Braves traded the super-utility player back to the Dodgers (along with pitcher Elias Sosa) for reliever (and 1974 Cy Young winner) Mike Marshall- who himself would have a short stay in town. 

If you have ever wondered why the Braves were so bad for so long during the 70s and part of the 80s, it's because of deals like this one made by then-GM Eddie Robinson. Baker at the time was the trade was only 26 years old and approaching the prime of his career. Lacy, while a nice player, was nothing more than a utility player and Wimpy Paciorek was nothing more than a replacement-level player. Jimmy Wynn was a star at one time, but was 34 years old at this time and pretty much washed up. Think of Andruw Jones- that's what you got in Wynn. A fourth piece to have come over, Jerry Royster, had a decent bat (good eye-low strikeout rate) and speed (not to mention was versatile) but had a rock for a glove. To make matters worse was that the team then sent Lacy back to the Dodgers a few months later. As I mentioned before, the Braves received former Cy Young winner Mike Marshall in return- but that will be a story for another day.

How'd He Do?
Lee's time in Atlanta- nothing to get excited about...
.272/.299/.367   50 games, 180 at-bats,  3 HR, 20 RBI, 2 SB (2 CS)
5 positions played (LF, CF, RF, 2B, 3B)

Another interesting piece of information I found during my research was a stat from the website, showing an interesting paradox when it comes to stats:

In 1983, Lee Lacy hit .266 against RHP, .336 against LHP- for an overall batting average of .302. Andre Dawson, on the other hand- that same year- hit better against righties (.283) and lefties (.346), but had a lower overall average (.299). Dawson finished the year w/ 189 hits in 633 AB, while Lacy had 87 hits in 288 at-bats. 

I know, goofy, but I love obscure bits of information like that.


  1. I'll always remember Lee Lacy. Thanks for Dusty, Lee!

  2. Wow, Jim Wynn hit .207 with a .377 OBP that year! Dude could take his walks. And Wimpy reeled off 5 solid seasons in a row immediately after leaving the Barves. Seems appropriate somehow.