Friday, February 13, 2015

Food-Issue Friday: Hometown Stars Roberto Alomar

Today's post is the second in a series reviewing a recent trade with T.J., proprietor of The Junior Junkie blog. In baseball terms, the deal would be considered a Blockbuster.

1994 Church's Chicken Hometown Stars #11- Roberto Alomar

This week's card was part of a twenty-eight card set produced by Pinnacle Brand and distributed by Church's Chicken, a restaurant chain originally based out of Texas, but now with its headquarters in Sandy Springs, Georgia- just north of Atlanta.

Handed out in 4-card packs with the purchase of a 9-piece family meal, the cards were also available to customers for 69 cents per pack with any purchase. Each pack contained three regular cards and one parallel card that featured gold foil where 'Hometown Stars' and the player's name were printed. Additionally, a ten-card insert set could be found approximately every four packs. The set, called 'Show Stoppers,' utilized Pinnacle's Dufex process and highlights ten of the game's most feared home run hitters.

I think I've mentioned before that one of my favorite players over the past 30 years is Roberto Alomar, so to say I was thrilled to find it in T.J.'s envelope would be an understatement. Robbie was one of the few players whose skills (both in the field and at the plate) were so good that it would make me want to stop what I was doing and watch, lest I miss something spectacular. And as much as it pained me to see Toronto beat Atlanta in the 1992 World Series, I am glad that he (and Joe Carter) got a ring- even if it was at the expense of my team.

Had someone seen the back of the card first- and not known who Alomar was- they might mistake this Hall of Fame baseball player for some aerobics instructor. Niiiice headband, Robbie! Heh. It goes particularly nice with that windbreaker that he was often seen wearing.