Friday, February 6, 2015

Food-Issue Friday: A Wonder(ful) Trade w/ The Junior Junkie

I never officially posted a 'Goals for the New Year' article (I have one drafted but never published it), but two things I'm hoping to accomplish this year is to trade more (and reducing my inventory in the process) and begin a 'Frankenset' of oddballs. I figure there's plenty of oddball sets out there that are not represented with a member of the Braves, so it's time to stop discriminating based upon team. A recent trade with The Junior Junkie was a good start towards accomplishing these goals.

I initially contacted T.J. with a question about a Griffey Jr card I picked up a our most recent (December) card show. After searching for info on it, I was still left clueless. So I contacted him to see if he might be able to help me out. Well, apparently he had never seen one, either, and immediately asked if I was interested in trading for it, which I was. After being asked what I was looking for in trade, I explained the Frankenset goal and asked if he had one particular Griffey card I was looking for. He did, and then some. Today's post is the first in a series of the 20-for-1 mega deal...

Some of my favorite cards during my childhood were the 1976 NFL Wonder Bread cards. They were rather bland (much like the bread they were packaged in), but were my introduction to the world of sports cards, if my memory serves me correctly. Jack Tatum, the baddest man alive at that time, was the first one I pulled. And the card backs? With "Hank Strams Favorite Plays" diagrammed on the back? It was an all new world to my seven year old mind.

Unfortunately, by the time the bread maker decided to produce an MLBPA product, I was no longer interest in cardboard- or their bread. I would re-enter the hobby one year later, but just a little too late because it would be one and done for the break maker. I've bought a ton of cardboard in the ensuing 24 years, but have never owned one of these 'wonderful' cards. Until now. Thanks to T.J.

One of the things that sets this baby apart from hundreds of other oddballs is the watermarked logo on the card back. It transforms a pretty plain card back into something spectacular. Let's just call it the P&B effect. Take a piece of plain white Wonder Bread, slap some P&B onto it and voila!

Thanks again, T.J. for the great trade! I can't believe I was able to flip a card I acquired for so little for such a great haul. While I may not find another of the one I traded, this certainly helped me tremendously- and I'm glad I could help out with your collection!

Ricky Bobby would probably rate it as an excellent trade. And he should know- he pisses excellence.

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