Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Legendary Years

My first return to the hobby came at an interesting time. As a Braves fan, the organization had traded icon Dale Murphy only a few months earlier, the fourteen year run of division titles was in its infancy, and the team appeared to have another legendary player in the making.

Being a sucker for Heritage and Archives, the Legendary Years and College Years are right up my alley. Take a Heritage card, put it into a blender, add a dash of Finest and mix 'em together. This is the result.

Much better than the Chrome cards found in Heritage, IMO.

After being named the 1990 NL Rookie of the Year, David Justice was one of the most sought after cards during the 1991 baseball season. Even hotter was his rookie card from 1990 Leaf. It's still one of my favorite cards in my collection.

 Included in all the major releases, Dave also found himself in many, if not most, of the oddball sets that hit the market that year. He was the subject of specialty sets (Colla Collection, Star), a promo card hawking hobby supplies (Card Guard) and even made the cover of the September issue of Beckett. 

I don't remember exactly when it was that Justice cooled off in the hobby. Injuries didn't help his cause, but neither did his persona. He tended to rub people the wrong way, but was still a hellofa player when healthy. Like so many in the hobby before- and after- him, they're here today, gone tomorrow. 

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  1. Oh man... the 1990 Leaf Justice is a blast from the past. I spent big $$$ busting packs and building both series of 1990 Leaf and Justice was one of the reasons (along with Thomas) that Series 2 packs were commanding top $$$. It's crazy that you can find copies of his rookie for around a dollar on COMC.