Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Chips and Swatches

The spring cleaning bug came to our house a little early this year. After a pretty mild winter, spring arrived what seems to be five weeks early this year. I'm not complaining.

One of the symptoms of this year's bug is the desire to paint two rooms and a hallway. I know this year's bug is bad because I hate painting. Lord knows I've had plenty of practice in the past. Each summer during my high school years (and the first two out of high school), I would work for my dad, who's a commercial artist. Advertising on the outfield walls at the local stadium, fire work stands, business signs- each having to be lettered. I also had plenty of practice as a kid, painting the fence along our driveway. Not to mention the joys of home ownership. Anyway, I've finished the hallway and am now waiting on my daughter to choose the color for her room. Our office is going to be a different story.

Perhaps if my wife didn't have some of her crafts in the office- better known as my card room- there wouldn't be a problem. You see, she wants warm colors throughout the house, and I'm good with that. But, I really want to have one accent wall in the card room- with the baby blue like on the old Braves jerseys (shown on this Glory Days card). That's all I ask. I even brought home some color chips to try and match the colors. (perhaps I should have taken a relic card to the store). My wife, however, wasn't too crazy about the idea. Heck, it would be the wall that houses my bookshelves (not to mention it's the wall where the door is), so it's not even an entire wall, per se. 

Of course, if she still says no, I suppose I could buy up as many relic cards featuring the baby blue and just make a large collage or ten, frame them and have my accent wall.'d cost a lot more than a gallon of paint, but it might just work.