Thursday, March 19, 2015

First. Middle. Last.

I will be having an uphill battle the next two weeks as I fight the temptation to make a trip to Target and buy 2015 Donruss. I really like the look of this year's design, especially the 1981 retro cards. But there's one problem: I have exhausted my monthly card allowance. And if I were to go over budget, and the wife found out about it, well, you know the idiom about a woman scorned... I can hear it now, "STEVEN!" I normally go by 'Steve.'

When I got in trouble as a kid, my mom would use my full name. First. Middle. Last. I'm sure yours did as well, so you know what I'm talking about. Whenever you would hear it, you knew something wasn't right. Probably messed up; did something wrong. No use in running, you'll be found. Put on the big boy pants and deal with it like a man.

That's why I've found it odd that the use of a full name has been a part of Donruss cards since the beginning. Of course, early Donruss was plagued with mess ups, to put it nicely.

Horrible choice in composition and lighting?


Photo editor asleep at the computer?


Copy editor have something against Hammerin' Hank?

BOBBY! LEE! BONDS! Son Barry didn't even hit 986!!!

Looking at the Fab Freddie card that arrived in yesterday's mail, I see nothing wrong with it. Some might complain that it's an 'SP' or a 'gimmick.' Won't hear me complaining. No logos? Nah, don't care about that, either. Glossy, thicker stock than original 81's? I like it.

Many Braves fans are concerned about a lack of offense during the upcoming season, causing the team's first baseman to get pitched around. That's the only trouble I see.


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