Thursday, March 12, 2015

No Need to Wait Until Next Year- Trade Now!

I recently emailed P-Town Tom from Waiting 'til Next Year, offering to help him finish off his 1984 Topps set. Being the good collector he is, Tom couldn't say no to such good news and agreed to a trade.

Offering up the only Mattingly rookie card I had made me feel like a poser collector, but as much history as that card carries, I would much rather have an oddball Dale Murphy card that's missing from my collection. Boom! Tom provided one...

1985 Topps 3-D #3 Dale Murphy

Or an autograph of one of my favorite players from my childhood....

2013 Panini Hometown Heroes Left Their Marks Bob Horner autograph

This is my second Horner autograph and, despite being a sticker auto, is a much welcomed addition to the collection.

2014 Panini Classics #57 Greg Maddux

This is the only card from this 2014 product, and while I probably won't collect the team set, is still going into the Maddux binder. This set reminds me of some 2000-something Donruss set- I just can't pinpoint the year.

Among the goodies Tom sent were not one, but TWO complete oddball sets from the 90s...

1993 Duracell Power Players Series 2

I thought I had a real witty remark for this Cal Ripken card- "the perfect player for this set: he kept playing and playing and playing..." Then I realized this was Duracell- not Energizer.

Two other players from this set I always admired:

Barry Larkin

George Brett

1994 Post Cereal 

I know many collectors prefer Kellogg's issues, but for me, nothing beats Post sets. I had two Braves prior to our trade, but now have the complete set- including these three:

Robbie Alomar- I'll never refuse a card of the magician at second

Tim Salmon- Probably my favorite Angel of all-time

Mike Piazza- I always preferred Javy Lopez, but, yeah, Mike was pretty good.

And just for good measure, P-Town also included a complete set of the 1991 Upper Deck Hank Aaron Baseball Heroes set, as well as 1992 Classic Best cards of Javy Lopez (speak of the devil) and Chipper Jones.

The main talk heading into spring training seemed to be about the much-improved Cubs, how they just might prove Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale (writers of Back to the Future 2) to be prophets. Well, that remains to be seen; Cubbie fans might just have to wait another year for that. 

Thanks again, Tom, for the great trade. No need to wait until next year- let's do it again sometime this year.

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