Thursday, March 5, 2015

On the Record

I'm going on record as saying that I love retro sets. Heritage, UD Retro, UD Vintage or Archives, I like all of them. But today we're going to talk about a different retro set...

2002 Donruss Originals

I did not plan on picking up a copy of this insert- most of the ones I had seen were listed at close to twenty-bucks. I found this one on the 'Bay with an opening bid of 99 cents and I was the only bidder. Nice addition to my Murphy collection.

A few other recent acquisitions for the Originals team set... 

I did not like what Donruss had become prior to its re-birth last year, but man, could they produce a mean card back in the day. For me, that means everything pre-'94. 

Two pitchers, neither of whom did much at the big-league level.

Miss those old backs, too. Donruss certainly had it's own unique look, no doubt about it. 

If I still collected sets, I would seriously consider not only putting together the Originals set, but the 1981 insert in Panini's upcoming Donruss release. Even without the logos, the previews I've seen are pretty sweet. 

So, I'm still in need of the following to finish off my Braves Originals team set:
#82 John Foster Rated Rookie ('82)
#170 Gary Sheffield ('84)
#258 Gary Sheffield ('86)
#277 Greg Maddux ('86)
#388 Greg Maddux ('88)

What is this? Some kind of gimmick. Heritage has their 'gum stain' cards and Donruss included these Cards that Never Were. As much as I like this card, I don't get including Mathews in a '78 'What If?' insert. 

And, I'll go on record saying that I like this insert set. Even if the cards are a gimmick. (Let it also be stated that I found the gum stain Heritage idea quite funny)

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