Monday, March 9, 2015

Trading Tigers

A few weeks ago Julie from A Cracked Bat showed off some Kellogg's cereal cards that were in need of good homes. Sadly, none of the homeless lenticular's were Braves, but there was one of a certain James Rodney Richard- the baddest pitcher alive from 1976 through mid-July 1980. So, I quickly offered shelter. (Hopefully this doesn't sound in bad taste, as Richards at one time struggled with homelessness- it certainly wasn't my intention)

Not only did Julie send the Richards- but a number of Braves cards, as well. In return I sent what I believe was the complete 1978 Topps Tigers team set. Say that twenty times fast.

You would think that a Braves collector would have a large cache of cards from 1995, but that's not the case for this collector. So I was thrilled to receive a number of ones from the World Series team- including these sweet SP Championship singles. 

Crime Dogs, Mad Dogs but, thankfully, no Georgia Dawgs.

Pinnacle hit a home run with the 1995 Select set. Seems like every card I've seen from that set was horizontal- is it an all-horizontal set? I'm not a huge fan of modern cards in the horizontal position, but these cards work really well with the design the way it is. Plus, the blue marble is a real classy look. Even if it was used a few too many times during the mid-90s.

I've been wanting a card of Shae Simmons, and now I have one! Too bad he'll miss the season. I'm really bummed that Topps left him out of the Update set last fall. #ThanksTopps

 Like the '95 cards, my binder for 1996 (well, they currently share a binder with '95) doesn't have much to fill the pages. This one will be welcome addition. I had not planned on putting together this team set, but it's kind of growing on me. 

 I'll be rooting for Meds this season as he moves over to the AL and pitches for the American League champs.

It's Kimbrel time! I guess he's the guy who fans of local 9 will pay to go see now. And if you listen to the outlook of most Braves fans, he probably won't be seen much. 

The backs of these two cards are very well done- even if they are in b/w. The Intuition card back actually blows away the card front, while the Select doesn't even come close to being as awesome as the front. Still a nice back, though.

Thanks again, Julie, for the trade. Anytime you have any Braves (or JR Richards) that are in need of a permanent home, the door is always open.

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