Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Base(ball) Oddity #32: Endangered Species

Once a common stadium giveaway promoting safety and public awareness, the team-issued Police sets have become an endangered species. While the 80's to 90's (and even into early 00's) were fraught with sets, I've only seen two team sets (Milwaukee and Minnesota) released in more recent years.

If you own- or have seen- any of these great oddities, then you are familiar with the words of wisdom each player (supposedly) has to say to the youth of America: Don't Do Drugs; Stay Out of Gangs; Stay in School; Report Burglars. et al.

Today's sets, were they to exist (or if?), would probably be heavy on the anti-bullying messages, domestic violence (while police officers have a much higher rate of domestic violence issues than the general population, but I digress) and anti-texting and driving messages. With the hit that the law enforcement community has taken in the media over the past nine months or so (whether it's fair or not. And I'm not trying to make a political statement), I have to wonder if we won't see these oddball sets making a comeback. Get re-connected with the community, ya know?

I never knew of this set's existence until I saw it on COMC a few weeks ago. The Avery card is the only one I know of and I haven't been able to find any information on this particular set. Can any fellow Braves fans out there in Braves Country pass along a good word regarding the 1992 PAL set?

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