Friday, April 24, 2015

Food-Issue Friday: America's Team, America's Favorite Pizza

I feel like I've been out of the loop this week: with news, with sports, and with the hobby. That's because I woke up early Tuesday morning sick and then spent the rest of that day and Wednesday trying to get my energy (and appetite) back. It's not like I didn't have the time to keep up with what was going on- it's just that when I wasn't asleep, I wanted to be in that state of non-existence. But here it is, Friday, and I still don't have my appetite back entirely. I only hope that you are hungry for another edition of Food-Issue Friday...

I don't think my love of pizza will ever diminish. I know, it's not the healthiest of meals and it seems to be more popular among the tweener-teens demographic- but what can I say? I've never been the most health-conscious guy (I get maybe 6 hours of sleep a night and drink way too much coffee) and I collect cards, so some would even question my age. Or at least, my maturity. 

Anyway, while today's feature isn't a card, it is the latest addition to my Dale Murphy collection. And what a large addition it is, measuring 17-1/4"x 11-1/4". It's so large that I honestly don't know how to store it. I guess I should have thought of that before buying it. Perhaps I"ll frame it. Be what it may, I just couldn't pass it up. There apparently were three others distributed, each featuring two Braves, but this was the only one I just had to have.

Looking at this brings back memories of my only visit to Atlanta- back in September of 1993. I went there with my dad and his wife, to visit her sister and her family. Well, truth to be told, I went because it was free airfare and I got to take in some Braves games. Anyway, we went out for pizza and beer our first night in the ATL. Where? Yes, you guessed it: Pizza Hut. And, just like earlier this week, I awoke early the next morning with cold chills, my head spinning, and then, well, you can guess what came next. We had plans on going to the Falcons-Saints game the next day, as well as to Six Flags Over Georgia. Well, if I wasn't feeling up to attending a football game, I surely wasn't going to a theme park. And so I laid there, all day Sunday and Monday, regaining my strength for that ever so important date at Fulton County Stadium.

As you probably recall, the Braves used to dub themselves "America's Team," just as Pizza Hut dubbed themselves as "America's Favorite Pizza." It's been a few years since TBS ran those America's Team ads, but I never questioned the veracity of such claims. Pizza Hut- well, I may have liked them at one time, but something changed forever after that visit to the Peach State. And if it is America's Favorite Pizza, then something's terribly wrong.


  1. I like how it has WTBS on it. I miss the superstations, but its a sign of the times. I watched many Braves games on TBS.

    I have one of these of the Royals from 76-77. I was just looking on ebay last night for some more.

  2. Very cool. Love these types of oversized oddballs.