Friday, April 10, 2015

Food-Issue Friday: Food Issues

I was listening to Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio while driving to work yesterday and just happened to catch an interview with Michael Kay, Play-by-Play guy for the Yankees on their YES Network. The subject of the discussion- at least the part that I caught (I have a very short drive to work)- was food. Well, food issues of Kay's, to be exact. He's got some, um...quirky eating habits, I guess you could say. Kay claims to have never eaten a banana, any kind of fish, jelly, coffee, condiment, salad dressing or soup. Being a picky eater myself, I'll reserve judgement, but I will say that when it comes to cardboard I can be pretty picky or quirky in my collecting habits- except when it comes to food-issues. I consume any and every food-issue I can get my hands on.

I recently received an extremely generous surprise package from a collector whom I've often thought of as a picky collector- "Mr. Wallet Card" himself, TJ- also known as The Junior Junkie. Look at his blog and you will see that TJ collects a little more than his moniker would indicate.

Most of the goods in this latest package were of Tom Glavine and Dale Murphy but TJ also started a food fight in the middle of the whole thing. What did he throw at me? Well, let's take a look...

1993 Jimmy Dean #16 Nolan Ryan

The last person I'd want to get into a food fight with (and the first I'd want on my team) is the Ryan Express. Can you imagine him hurling an apple your way? The man might be closing in on 70, but he can probably still bring the heat.

1991 Post #29,   1990 Wonder Bread Stars #6 Don Mattingly
Are there even teams in food fights? I've lived a sheltered life and have never participated in such shenanigans, so I honestly don't know the answer to this question. If there are teams, I want to see Don Mattingly managing the opposition. Every. Single. Time. You know he'd save the soggy noodles for his best arm.

1990 Wonder Bread Stars #10,  1993 Hostess #7 Darryl Strawberry

What would a food fight be without a fruit? Enter Mr. Strawberry.

Like Mattingly, I wouldn't want Straw to be on my side of the cafeteria. He'd probably throw something at me, gorge himself on candy, or complain about the way he was being used.

1990 Post Cereal #21 Cal Ripken, Jr.

If Nolan Ryan is first on my food fight draft list, this man would be second. Cal would show up every day and get the perfect attendance award, he would revolutionize the way the fight takes place, and he would (*wink*) never ever take part in any hazing of teammates.

1990 Post Cereal #12 Mark McGwire
I honestly don't know where I'd stand on the inclusion of this Bash Brother. No one likes a cheater- but he might just be able to find alternative means of gaining an advantage over the opposition. Plus, he could launch Taters or Salamis farther than any human being.

Besides, if the principal called Mark into his office, you can be sure that Big Mac wouldn't want to talk about what happened- only that he was looking forward to being a positive influence in the cafeteria.

Thanks again for all the cards that were needed for my collection, TJ. Do you think Michael Kay has ever tried that staple (cardboard) that's common to our daily diet?

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  1. It's a shame that the 1991 Post cards weren't MLB licensed. I'm a huge fan of that design. Almost wish we could take the team logos from the 1993 Hostess set and give them to the 1991 Post set ;)