Sunday, April 19, 2015

Guilty Pleasures

"Well I rolled the bones to see who'd own my mind and what's within. And it's a given rule that we're all fools, but need to have a little sin. So I'm ridin', well I'm ridin' on the gypsy- on the gypsy queen."~ Dio's Gypsy

All of us have guilty pleasures. Perhaps it's B-rate horror movies; a wife beater (shirt); a reality tv show. For me, it's 80s hard rock/hair metal. But I think I just might have discovered a new one last night: 2015 Gypsy Queen baseball.

Now let me be clear- I have despised the Gypsy Queen brand since its initial release in 2011 and, other than a few singles, have avoided it like the plague. When the sell sheet for this year's product came out, I ignored it. But I came across some on eBay last night and found myself shocked at how much I liked the 2015 design. And when I came across a listing for a guaranteed 'Hot Pack' I decided to take a chance. To roll the bones, as they say.

I didn't win the auction- my $5 bid was placed in the last 30 seconds- and looking back, I'm glad I didn't win. I mean, odds are the seller acquired this by pack searching- which I find deplorable. But still.. it is fun pulling an auto or a cool patch, no?

So, instead, I think I'll just try to complete a Braves team set and pick up the Chipper variations for my collection. The team set contains the following cards:

2 Hank Aaron (mini base variation available, also)
18 Tom Glavine (mini base variation available, also)
26 Freddie Freeman (base variation available, also)
48 Shelby Miller
68 Alex Wood
69 Nick Markakis
74 Julio Teheran
84 John Smoltz (mini base variation available, also)
112 Evan Gattis
115 Chipper Jones (mini base variation available, also)
135 Craig Kimbrel
138 Greg Maddux (mini base variation available, also)
245 Andrelton Simmons
259 Mike Foltynewicz
170 Mike Minor
302 Eddie Mathews-SP
332 Fred McGriff-SP

...and of course, plenty of inserts....

GQA-CJ Chris Johnson
GQA-EG Evan Gattis
GQA-FF Freddie Freeman
GQA-HA Hank Aaron
GQA-JS John Smoltz
GQA-PN Phil Niekro
GQA-TG Tom Glavine

Mini Autographs
GMA-GM Greg Maddux
GMA-JT Julio Teheran
GMA-TG Tom Glavine

Retail Mini Autographs
RMA-FF Freddie Freeman
RMA-JS John Smoltz

Autographed Relics
AR-FF Freddie Freeman

Laces Around the League
LAL-FF Freddie Freeman

Original Art Patches
OAP-CJ Chipper Jones
OAP-CKl Craig Kimbrel
OAP-FF Freddie Freeman
OAP-GM Greg Maddux

GQR-AS Andrelton Simmons
GQR-CKl Craig Kimbrel
GQR-FF Freddie Freeman
GQR-JH Jason Heyward

Jumbo Relics
GJR-AS Andrelton Simmons

Mini Relics
GMR-EG Evan Gattis
GMR-FF Freddie Freeman
GMR-JH Jason Heyward
GMR-JU Justin Upton
GMR-MM Mike Minor

The Queen's Throwbacks
QT-2 Andrelton Simmons
QT-24 Julio Teheran

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  1. I understand your long held aversion to GQ. I've never cared for any previous designs but found myself bitten by the 2015 bug. While picking up my Tigers and HOFers, I'll keep you in mind for Braves.