Monday, April 13, 2015

Murphy Monday: Secondary

The recent fiasco with the Topps Tribute "Smudge Gate" and the subsequent product recall caused me to have a change of heart in regards to collecting this year's offering. I initially wasn't going to bother picking up any of the Dale Murphy cards from the set, but realized I might miss out on a card that could be difficult to find down the road. And for $1.94, I couldn't pass this beauty up.

Tribute has not been one of the brands I've chased over the years, but I have grown somewhat fond of this one since receiving it in the mail. It reminds me, even if ever so slightly, of the earlier Flair baseball line.

Another recent purchase- a 2005 Playoff Prime Cuts Dale Murphy card, numbered out of /449. I was out of collecting from 2002-2009, so much of what came out then is foreign to me. I know nothing of this product, but was struck by its design. My policy on post-playing career Murphy cards is if it grabs my attention, try to buy one. Primary cards are from his playing career, all else is considered secondary and thus not must-haves.

Haters gonna hate, so get it out of your system, ya'll. I dig it, even without logos, no team nickname and with its plain gray swatch.

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  1. That's a good-looking base card. I hope there's a Griffey to be had...