Saturday, April 25, 2015

My New TV Crapped Out on Me, So I Bought Some Cards

After dinner last night, I went back into my office to watch the ending of the Barves-Phillies game while my wife and daughter entertained themselves with Mockingjay 1. Well, to my surprise the less-than-two-week-old tv wouldn't turn on. Rather, I couldn't get a picture- only purple and pink lines everywhere. What?!!! It's a Magnavox, and they made a hell of a tv 40 years ago! I guess that's what I get for making a decision based on my frugal nature. So, I pulled it off the wall and headed over to Target to get a different television (and a different manufacturer). I'm glad I did- as the Barves lost it 1-0 on a walk-off error.

The one two silver linings- and there's always gotta be a silver lining, right?- is that not only did I get a new, better TV, but I also finally got around to picking up the 1 pack of Gypsy Queen that I've been wanting to open.

The Value Pack contained 3 packs plus three framed parallel cards. Let's open some packs!!!

Pack 1:

246 Brian McCann - I hate to say it, but BMac just looks like he was born to wear pinstripes. Well done, Topps.

160 Hyn-Jin Ryu - I love these poses

40 Jorge Soler- MINI ROOKIE CARD! Whoo- am I gonna be RICH!

GWO-7 Walk off Winners David Freese -  Meh.

138 Greg Maddux - Hey everybody, a Brave!!

99 Roger Maris - Great looking card of the AL single-season Home Run record holder

Pack 2:

88 Justin Upton - Hey everybody, a...former Brave.

57 Jason Vargas - Is he still on the Royals? Is he a bad-ass, too?

173 Jason Worth - *vomits*

179 James Shields - I guess they couldn't get him into his Pads uni

271 Lance Lynn - Mini card of a Card

234 Jarred Cosart - Wanna bet that no one cares about this guy's cards?

Pack 3:

39 Lou Gehrig - Another Yankee. Really?

50 Salvador Perez - Another Royal. Is he also a bad-ass? I heard they get to fight the winner of Pacquiao/Mayweather

168 David Ortiz - One of my least favorites in the game. At least it wasn't ARod

8 Jose Canseco - Mini. I bet Wax Morgue, er Wax Heaven 2.0 would approve!

GWO-4 Walk-Off Winner: David Ortiz. What did I do to upset the cardboard gods?

222 Russell Martin - *Yawn*


Okay, maybe not- but I'm sure everyone was waiting on the framed parallels...

169 Ryan Braun - Tony can expect to see this at some point

9 Bo Jackson - ANOTHER ROYAL? Okay, I won't complain on this one. What a beauty!

82 Mookie Wilson - Everybody's talking about the new kid in (Bean)town- Mookie Betts, that is- but this is the original.

Ten bucks and I don't feel like I got my money's worth, but that's not what this is all about. It the enjoyment of opening something new- a brand that I have never liked prior to this year. And for the price of going to a movie, I'll take this pack any day.

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  1. I like the looks of the cards this year in Gypsy Queen. Every once in a while, Topps stumbles on decent cards.

    And of course I want that Braun!