Saturday, April 18, 2015

Wisely Chosen Friends

Quite some time back I posted a plea for someone- anyone- to help a brother out with some 1988 Donruss cards to go towards finishing my Braves team set. I received a few comments and one of them, Brian from Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary, recently hooked me up with 8 of them (plus friends)- all traveling in style. No, they didn't travel on the Madden bus, but arrived in a large envelope. They could have arrived in a leather bag by the Pony Express, for all I care; the main thing is that I have now completed the base set.

The back of this card tells us that Ken Sr. once hit three homers in a game against the Phillies, so it got me many times did Jr. hit 3 in a game? Thanks to BaseballReference.Com, I have my answer: twice. Once in '96 against the Yankees and once against the Blue Jays in 1997.

Zane's six seasons in Pittsburgh were much better than the six he spent with the Braves. Nineteen Eighty-Nine  was a particularly rough year for the lefty- as he went 1-12 in 17 starts with 58 strikeouts and 33 walks while allowing 102 hits over 99 innings before being traded to the Expos on August 8.

I graduated high school in 1987 and instead of enrolling in college, I spent the next year working a little and spending most of my time playing music. Thus, I did not spend much time (no time, really) following baseball. Had I done so, I would have surely pulled my hair out watching Andres Thomas make errors and striking out. He committed 29 errors in 1988, struck out 95 times and had a .268 OBP. The man was the antithesis of a selective hitter, walking 59 times in six seasons in Atlanta.

My second favorite Simmons to have played for Atlanta. First? Andrelton, silly.

Well captured expression on Oberkfell's face. I, too, was confused about Oberkfell. Was he really a third baseman? Well, he began at second and eventually moved to the hot corner. He sure didn't hit like a third baseman- he was a career .362 slugger, who never hit more than 5 homers in a season. And it's hard to like a guy who, while with the Cardinals, single-handedly beat the Braves in Game 2 of the 1982 NLCS when he scored the first run of the game on a wild-pitch and then drove in the winning run in the bottom of the ninth. St. Louis would complete the sweep the next night in Atlanta.

I don't want to talk about Murphy in 1988. It was the beginning of the end. Let's move on...

My second favorite D(e)ion to play for the Braves.

Believe it or not, Mahler's Baseball page actually uses the photo from this card.

My question: why? He looks....creepy. Devilish. Like that crazy uncle your family is ashamed of.
Another believe it or not: the back of Rick's '88 Donruss card tells us that he tied Cy Young and two others for the most Opening Day shutouts (3) after his 6-0 complete game win against Philadelphia on April 7, 1987.

Let's see which friends of '88 Donruss showed up...

Awesome Impact- Awesome Player- Awesome Card!!

Well, hellooooooo Hank! Doesn't have a date on it- I'm thinking '88?

Much cooler than the original '89s. Well, I prefer the originals, but not as an oversized offering.

Like my mother used to say: choose your friends wisely. And I'm thinking Brian did a pretty good job choosing these friends for me. Thanks, Brian!

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  1. Hammerin' Hank is from 1986 - inserted with "The Rookies" set.