Saturday, April 4, 2015

Yes, It's from the 80s

As we were driving my daughter to youth group the other night, a song by Tears for Fears ("Head Over Heals") began playing on Bob FM- the radio station that shamelessly plays everything. As she is wont to do, my daughter asked the question, "is this song from the 80's?"  It's a curiosity that I think is rooted in a part of our lives that she would like to connect with; a mystery, of sorts. Or, she just associates a certain sound with certain decades.

The next song our daughter heard ( a little over an hour later) was met with the same question. Only this time it was met with a different answer. The song? Kansas' "Carry on Wayward Son" from 1976's Leftoverture. To my ears, this song does not sound like something from the 80s- although I guess one could confuse a heavy riff-based song with something from early 80s rock.

I wish our little inquirer would show an interest in the distinctions of 1980's baseball cards. I could point out things such as:

Spring Training Shots

Ahh...there's nothing like watching the Expos and the Braves on an early March afternoon at West Palm Beach Municipal Stadium, spring training home to each of the two teams. And capturing it on cardboard for all eternity.

Road games often featured those good ol' outfield walls featuring local advertising. Of course, those weren't nearly as interesting as the walls in today's stadiums.

Hats were a little bit different back then, too. Not mere money-grabs, but those badass mesh back caps. The kind where your hair could creep out of the back, just above the adjustment strap.

Interesting Subsets Within the Base Set

These types of subsets weren't 80s exclusives, of course, but it seems like they ended in the 80s. And while Archives brings back many of our favorites from yesterday, those are inserts & just aren't the same.

As a side note...Happy belated birthday to Hall of Famer Phil Nieko- who just turned 76 on April 1st. I'm surprised I didn't hear an April Fools joke about him returning to pitch in the majors. The man pitched in the majors until he was 48 and he probably still have some mileage left on that arm.

I could also explain to my daughter that the man who manned first base for the Braves for most of the 80s also provided us with one of the top three plays of the 1970s: hitting a walk-off homer to win the pennant for the Yankees. I didn't get to see either Aaron's record breaking homer or Fisk's World Series homer live, so, for me, the Chambliss home run was the most exciting 70s moment for me. 

Those Donruss Designs

While I really like every Topps design from the 80s, the Donruss designs are the most unique and colorful. 

Should my daughter feel sorry for us losing these great designs, I can reassure her that they still live on in Panini's new Donruss line. I might even use a formula such as 1985D + 1987D =

Of course, I might just be setting myself up for 'Dad, is that card from the 80s?' every time she sees one of my Donruss cards. 

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  1. Great post. Huge fan of 80's music and cardboard.