Monday, May 4, 2015

Base(ball) Oddity #34: Prestige PItchers

One of the more difficult things for fans of a team in rebuild mode is having patience with the development of young players, especially when it comes to pitchers.

I was reminded of that this past week when Atlanta recalled one of its top prospects, right-handed starter Mike Foltynewicz, from AAA Gwinnett. Folty made his first major league start (he had 16 appearances out of the pen for Houston last season) on Friday night and pitched admirably. However, it would do us fans well to remember that Tom Glavine, John Smoltz and Greg Maddux all struggled mightily in the early parts of their careers and surely our top prospects will be no different. But struggles today aren't indicative of struggles to come over the course of a career, so perhaps Folty, Wisler, Banuelos, et al. will all (or perhaps only one) oneday be in the class of prestigious pitchers.

Kenner included the Prestige Pitchers set as a part of their 1993 Starting Lineup Series and are often listed as 'variations,' as each pitcher also had a portrait card included in the packaging. Maddux is also included in the set, although I have yet to get his '93 cards.

The set returned in 1996- this time with much brighter, bolder fonts. I prefer the design of the '93 cards over the 1996 Kenner cards, but these wouldn't be so bad if not for that hot pink. Who designed these things, anyway?

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  1. I have that Smoltz had it in the package until time cracked the package this freeing mini Smoltzy and 2 flimsy baseball cards