Friday, May 15, 2015

Food-Issue Friday: Disoriented

We live in a world where we are often confused about many things: history, the difference between wants and needs, good and evil, while some even question their gender. Our hobby isn't immune from this problem, either.

The subjects of today's cards seems a little disoriented. As you can tell by the position listed below his name, Terry Forster was a pitcher- and yet here he is, thinking he's Bob Horner or something. He's got the bat; he's got the friz; and though the jacket is hiding it, he's also got the physique. Forster signed with the Braves just prior to the 1983 season, having left the Dodgers as a free-agent, and became a valuable arm coming out of the pen, collecting a 3.3 WAR (BaseballReference) during the 1983 season.

Terry's not alone in his confusion. Two of the other members of the team- Manager Joe Torre and Pitcher Steve Bedrosian- apparently didn't understand what it meant when the camera man said to 'look and the camera' and smile. But with one being a Hall of Fame manager (who should have made it as a player!!!) and the other a former CY Young Award winner, all is forgiven.

I, too, have found myself a little perplexed in trying to label these cards (and set). Should I consider it strictly an oddball? A regional set? As you can see, when you turn the cards over you see the Hostess name and logo (Coke, too). Does that qualify them as a food-issue? Since they were issued in or with a food product, I don't think so. However I suppose I could do what Bruce Jenner did and embrace a more relativist world view. Okay- these are a food-issue. At least for today.

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  1. They look like a team-issue set or even a Stadium Giveaway more than a food issue. I mean, did these cards come with Hostess products, or did they get handed out by police or did they just get handed out at a game?