Wednesday, May 27, 2015

From One Madduxfan to Another

A couple of weeks ago I happened across the Madduxfan31 website and contacted Mike, the proprietor, about a couple of Greg Maddux cards that I thought he would like to add to his collection. He was interested and mentioned that he had looked at my want list and found a card I was needing. Perfect! It's always nice to knock off a much needed card!

Thirteen or so years later, Clubhouse Collection remains one of the best relic cards around, IMO. No, they don't have eye-popping bits of patches- just plain, single color swatches- but the vintage look still leaves me wanting more.

Flipping it over, Topps doesn't hesitate to let us know that Fookie can do it all: extra-base machine, All-Star, defender. And I'd be remiss if I failed to mention that vintage (or retro) cards are one of the few things on earth where red and green go well together.

Thanks again, Mike, for the trade. As I mentioned in the email, when I get a little more time I want to try to find more stuff to send you. You have a nice selection of Andruw Jones cards that have caught my eye.

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