Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Goodbye, Fookie

"so don't you pity me, don't misplace my intentions. Don't mistake me, this is no illusion- this is an exit."  Exit/ The Black Crowes

Although he hasn't spent any signifcant time on the diamond since appearing in 121 games for St. Louis in 2012, I was still saddened by the announcement of Rafael Furcal's retirement yesterday.

"Fookie" was one of my favorite players during his six-year stint with Atlanta. His combination of speed, surprising pop and an absolute cannon of an arm made the 5'8" Furcal one of the game's most exciting players for his first six major league seasons (2000-2006).

During the 2008 offseason, it was reported that a deal had been agreed upon for Rafael to return to his first professional home. Rafae's agents reneged on the deal, drawing the ire of then-GM John Schuerholz. I remember the excitement of the prospects of him returning to the organization and the disappointment in him re-signing with the Dodgers. Still, I held no ill-feelings towards Furcal, choosing instead to blame his agency.

Thanks again, Fookie, for all you gave to the Braves organization, its fans, and the game of baseball.

Finally, another one of the finest to come out of Atlanta- The Black Crowes


  1. Always loved Furcal too but thought Bobby and him not getting along was the reason he left.. hmm

    See your a Bucs fan, got a bunch of Bucs cards I could send you if you wanna work a trade

    1. I was a Bucs fan- had been since '77. But, I swore that if they drafted Winston, I was done. I think the guy is a major bonehead and will do something to screw up an otherwise promising career. He's made nothing but bad choices up until now, which I believe will also lead to bad choices on the field. Hopefully I'm wrong and the guy pulls his head out of his ass, but I'm skeptical. Thanks for reminding me I need to change that Bucs thing.

  2. I like Furcal as well...of course, I still remember the great story about him being picked up for sleeping in his car in a parking lot somewhere drunk...he was 20 at the time of course....LOL. Great player, just could never overcome all the back problems.

    Maybe he shouldn't have slept in his car. ;-)

    1. Tony, he was probably 23, as it was later found out he was a little older than initially thought. But still, yeah- sleeping in your car could create those problems. He seemed to think drinking and cars went hand-in-hand; if I recall correctly, he had 2 DUI's.