Friday, May 8, 2015

House Cleaning

"...and my ties are severed clean. The less I have the more I gain; off the beaten path I reign. Rover, wanderer. Nomad, vegabond. Call me what you will...Anywhere I roam, where I lay my head is home." Wherever I May Roam, Metallica

Housekeeping, the first book published by Marilynne Robinson (one of my favorite novelists) tells the story of two sisters whose childhood is plagued by one abandonment after another, leading to a life of transience. In a sense, it is, as a review in the New York Times says, "about people who have not managed to connect with a place, a purpose, a routine, or another person." Ultimately, the story deals with suffering- particularly generational suffering.

One person who has managed to connect with a number of us collectors is Julie, from A Cracked Bat. I came home from work the other day to find a nice sized package in the mail from Julie, who said she was "cleaning house- moving out Braves." In other words, these poor Braves are being abandoned, just as the sisters were in Robinson's novel. While many of these cards are new to me (and much needed), some of them are doubles- which may just lead them to a transient existence, should a good home be found among fellow Brave collectors.

I think Julie must be able to read minds, because the best of the lot is a card that I was eyeing on eBay recently; thanks to the kind lady I now don't have to worry about buying it. Julio has been the man the past two seasons, but has struggled in most of his starts this season. Let's hope that there are better days ahead for the young ace.

Just when you think you hate a brand- BAM! I haven't been much of a fan of Fleer (Ultra and Showcase, notwithstanding) but I've got to say, I like this eX of Rafael Furcal. Even the Fleer Premium cards are above average.

Most players in professional sports are, to an extent, vegabonds. Thankfully for us Braves fans, this man was not a wanderer. Another Chipper that I needed, thank you very much. Only a bajillion more to go!

Atlanta will enjoy something like six of the top 85 picks in this year's MLB amateur draft. Last year's top pick, Braxton Davidson, was one of the cards Julie sent. It also happens to be my first card of the young outfielder.

I haven't been a big fan of the Chrome brand, but I've got to tell you, this 2007 Topps Chrome Andruw Jones is a thing of beauty. Perhaps that can be attributed to the black border, which provides a great contrast to the shiny colors in the photo.

I spoke of the theme of suffering in Housekeeping earlier, which leads me to J.D. Drew. I have a post on J.D. that's just begging me to finish it. I can't bring myself to doing that- just yet. One of these days I will. Perhaps this card while inspire me. 

Stickerzzzz!!!!!! I have never seen any of stickers with the hat design. Where have they been all my life?!

Another Julio! 

George. Freaking. Lombard. Never lived up to the promise, but boy, did his tools scream 'future superstar.' Fernando Lunar, George's teammate at four stops in the minors from '94-'96 was another promising prospect who didn't quite live up to expectations. At least I have him captured in all his Sally League All-Star glory.

Ms. Robinson's debut was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in fiction (she did win the award for her second novel, Gilead, some 25 years later) and did win the PEN/Hemingway award for best first novel. Ms. Owen has been around the blogosphere for about a year now- and I don't know if she was nominated for any Bip-type awards for best new baseball card blog- but she certainly could have her name tossed into the ring for wittiest bloggers in the hobby. Thanks again, Julie, and I hope to get a package put together a little later- perhaps I'll give you time to get your move finished.

...Hey- it's Friday! To celebrate the beginning of the weekend, we're gonna stick with the theme of wandering with a band I'm not a fan of, but a hell of a song nonetheless. So turn it up real loud and bang yer head.


  1. Send those doubles my way and I will return the favor!
    jeffrey matthew jones (at) g mail DOT com

  2. Send those doubles my way and I will return the favor!
    jeffrey matthew jones (at) g mail DOT com