Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Comics #1: The Solution

Trying to come up with a new series can be challenging. It's even tougher to create one that is completely original. So you'll have to excuse me if someone else has done a "Sunday Comics" feature. I haven't seen any before (although, I have seen posts featuring the comics on the backs of cards) and thought it would fill in the Sunday void- which always seems to be a slow time on the blogosphere.

1963 Topps #414 Ty Cline

All of us have seen the videos: celebrities punching, pushing, shouting matches with members of the paparazzi. Alex Baldwin; Sean Penn; Justin Bieber. There are countless others, but one thing all of them have in common: they don't have the brains (nor the athletic abilities) of Ty Cline. Or perhaps I should give credit to Topps.

This card and comic combo was created well before the current problems between celebrities and the paparazzi, but I think Topps may be on to something here- let's just call it "the solution".

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