Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Chipper Collection: Captured on Canvas

The Oxford Dictionary defines masterpiece as "an artist's or craftman's best piece of work." Historically, the term was used for a piece of work that qualified a craftsman for membership of a guild as an acknowledged master. If Upper Deck's 1989 baseball product serves as the company's apprenticeship, Masterpieces is the product where they finally gained their guild membership. 

I found this Captured on Canvas card on eBay recently and knew immediately that it had to be a part of my Chipper collection. Everything about the front of this card cries, "perfection"- from the black border with gold lettering, to the matte finish, to the picture used. Even the swatch looks attractive on there- much better than if a red, white, or blue swatch had been used. And at a smaller size, it doesn't detract from the main attraction: Chipper's likeness. 


  1. Jealous. I just ordered one off eBay I'll post when I get it but this tops what I got for sure.

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