Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Base(Ball) Oddity #37: Getting Lucky in My Hotel Room

As titillating as the title might be, this isn't some letter to Penthouse. It's another edition of Base(ball) Oddity.

Traveling home from our recent vacation, we decided to stop and spend the night at a hotel in Dillon, Montana. It's a pretty small town, with not much to do, so after dinner we decided to head back to our room and watch some television. The drive that day must have exhausted my wife and daughter, as they were soon asleep, leaving just me and my iPad.

Now, anytime a guy has time to himself and a means of checking the internet, who knows what kind of trouble will ensue. In my case, I opened my eBay app and began perusing Chipper Jones cards. Luckily for me, I had typed in '1998 Chipper Jones' and let the search engine do the magic.

 I don't know how long I had been scrolling through the hits, but at one point I came across this:

My inner Archimedes wanted to stand up and shout, "Eureka, I have found it!" My inner child wanted to stand up on the hotel bed and begin jumping up and down. Instead, all I could do was stifle the excitement that was dying to come out.

You see, this card/coupon (thicker than a coupon, more like a card and standard cardboard size) is one that I've been searching for for years. It should have been on my Fourteen Fugitives but was left off as an oversight. If I were to have a "White Whale" this would have been one of 3 contestants (along w/ the Boy Scouts Dale Murphy and the 1984 Topps Darryl Palmer/Slugger's Wife).

Good for one free 20 oz Coca-Cola Classic? I wouldn't even trade this in for a case of Topps Heritage.