Friday, June 12, 2015

Going on Hiatus

I want to start off by saying that the title of this post isn't some clever reference to a trade with Tony of Off Hiatus Baseball Cards- although a quick glance could certainly cause confusion. No- this is more of a summer sign-off.

You see, I have been putting in a lot of O.T. since coming back to work from my vacation and will continue to work long hours, 6 days a week for the next couple of months. Factor in familial responsibilities and things around the house like yard work, painting, carpeting a few rooms & who has time for blogging? And truth be told...I'm feeling a bit burned out.

I'll try to post occasionally - it may be more like doing a 'best of' where I run an old post- and I'll try to read all of your blogs on a daily basis. Hopefully I can come back refreshed and excited to get back in the game.


  1. Enjoy your summer. We'll all still be here when you decide to return.

  2. I was wondering about that, since I did not recall sending you anything...not that that means anything for me these days!

    Enjoy your time on the sidelines, and see you on the other side!