Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Comics #2: Opposite Day

Today's card has left me scratching my head, wondering if the artist had ever been exposed to the world of baseball statistics (or any sports, for that matter).

As anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of baseball can tell you, wins come before losses. Always.

Check the league standings: you have Wins; you have Losses. Then move on to the league Pitching Leaders. Or the pitching statistics on the webpage of your favorite team.

Or you can check the back of your baseball cards: the W column comes before the L column. Even Donruss, with all of the errors found in its '81 set, got it right.

So why, pray tell, did Topps allow the following comic as it appears on the back of Ernie Johnson's 1958 card?

LOST/WON IN THE LEDGER??! I suppose the Losses were in black, while the Wins were in red, too.

We'll just pretend that it's Opposite Day.

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