Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Nice Design, A Nice Signature...Niiiiice!

"Sometimes I try to hit the ball 500 feet instead of just trying to get it over the fence. My swing can get long and can get ugly."

It's a good thing that Topps hasn't used blogger's opinions to determine the fate of the Archives brand- otherwise one of my favorite sets each year would probably be thrown out of the rotation  like yesterday's trash. The best thing about the brand? The autos, of course. Where else are you going to find many of the players included in its checklist? Not in flagship, nor in any of the numerous high-end brands.

One such player from this year's set was one of my favorite players from the 90s. This man, according to the back of his baseball card, ranks fourth all-time in slugging percentage for Braves hitters with more than 2500 plate appearances. The cartoon on that same card back informs us that he was the first player to homer in three straight World Series road games. The player: Ryan Klesko.

His swing was violent; his bat flips, legendary. Ryan Klesko never got cheated at the plate- and that's what was so enjoyable about watching him play. Fan Favorite, indeed.


  1. Great card. I, too, have a lot of love for Klesko. He has a ton of great cardboard out there.

  2. I look forward to seeing what Athletics, Padres, and Expos are on the Archives Fan Favorites autograph checklist each and every year. I was a little bummed that they added Kris Bryant, Reggie Jackson, and Nolan Ryan to their checklist this year. Had they left them off, I probably would have built the set.