Saturday, July 25, 2015

Plenty from P-Town

A package from P-Town Tom arrived about a month ago-- and I'm just now getting around to thank the loyal Cubs fan. Yes, I'm a little behind on trade posts, but I'm sure Tom is a patient man. He is a Cubs fan, after all.

The first group of goodies is an Archives Braves team set from this year's offering. Being a fan of Archives means that I collect the team set each year- this year being no different. While I already had this year's team set, I did need an extra Andrelton Simmons and Chipper Jones for my player collections and these cards from Tom will fill that need.

Up next was the auto and relic group, featuring two autographs from a very unique set from Upper Deck and a jersey swatch from a Donruss Playoff product.

Peter Moylan really endeared himself to Braves fans due to his goofy nature, his sleeve tattoos and his unique sidearm delivery to go along with a mid-90s fastball with nasty sink. Moy started in the Twins system, was released and then spent the next 8 years working in the pharmaceutical industry before making a comeback; he also overcame two Tommy John surgeries and a torn rotator cuff and labrum in his pitching shoulder. You can't help but root for a guy like that.

The final group- 'filler,' as Tom called it- featured six from Topps' 2007 flagship product. While I like black borders, I never cared for the black and red squares in each of the corners. I think this would have been one of the better designs of the 2000s had Topps done something differently with this design. It does feature strong photography, which is still the focal point on these cards.

Thanks again, Tom, for returning the favor! It's definitely worthy of a 'High-Five'!

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