Sunday, July 5, 2015

Record Breaker

Ask most baseball fans- including many Braves fans- who holds the Atlanta Braves record for home runs and you're likely to hear the name Hank Aaron. You certainly can't blame them- after all, he is second on the all-time home run list (I still believe he's the true Home Run King- I just don't want to hear that 'but he took speed' narrative. Please...). But eight years ago today a new home run champion was crowned for the Atlanta Braves- and he had passed Hammerin' Hank over a year earlier (5/31/06, to be exact).

Confused? Well, remember that Aaron played in Atlanta for only 9 years, hitting 335 of his career home runs in Fulton County Stadium. The man who would eventually pass King Henry, Dale Murphy, did so on April 21, 1989; Murphy's record of 371 would stand until Chipper Jones homered twice against the Dodgers on July 5, 2007.

Topps recognized the feat in an insert set found in its 2008 flagship product. Year in Review consisted of 178 total cards, with 60 coming in each of the first two series while the final 58 were included in the Update Series. I like the concept, but the insert set was just too large; with cards seeded 1:6 packs, it was very difficult for anyone who wanted to build the set.

I guess if my favorite player of all-time is going to have his team record broken, it might as well have been broken by my second all-time favorite.

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  1. I knew the answer, Hank is the champ always and forever.

    Thanks for giving me one more Chipper card to chase!