Monday, July 13, 2015

The First Home Run Derby

I won't be watching tonight's Home Run Derby- instead, I will be at a Boise Hawks game. It won't be the first one I have missed and to be honest, I'm not all that torn up about it, either. There was one event in the past, however, that I missed and still wish I had seen. 

The 1985 MLB All-Star game featured a Home Run Derby with Dale Murphy as a contestant. And of course I missed the only one to feature my childhood hero! Held at Minneapolis' Metro Dome, the first All-Star home run derby saw the Junior Circuit defeat the Senior Circuit 17 bombs to 16 dingers. The Reds' Dave Parker led all hitters with 6 jacks, followed by Murph and 4 AL hitters, all of whom blasted 4 over the fence.


  1. I was looking on the internet for video clips from this derby, but couldn't find any. I did find this story about how a high school kid affected the outcome of the derby. It's pretty interesting. Here's a link:

    1. Yeah, there's really not much video available. I don't think it was taped, just televised live.

      They weren't sure it was going to be popular - it took them awhile to turn the thing into an "event"

  2. I truly can't recall any of the HR derbies. I just never paid attention to it. I'm shocked that the first one for the AS game was 30 years ago.