Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pack to the Future

Most collectors are aware of the kind of prices that unopened boxes and packs can bring. Junk wax can be a fun, cheap rip, while vintage stuff might require a second mortgage. Even if many of us could afford such a luxurious purchase, the possibility of fraud is quite a deterrent- at least for this collector.

Fraud was something I wasn't concerned about when purchasing today's featured item. Having recently purchased a box of 1988 Donruss to add to my Dale Murphy collection, I decided it was about time to add an unopened pack with Murph on top. A search of eBay found quite a few different ones to choose from- including this 1986 Topps cello pack, which I picked up for $2.25. Most of the others were quite a bit more, so I figured I'd wait for some cheaper prices on similar packs.

I was no longer collecting in 1986 and it would be only the second year since 1977 of me not buying any packs. The pack abstinence would continue into the spring of 1991, when I would re-enter the hobby and find that things had changed in six years. Not only had the packs themselves changed (foil packs?!), but the prices had, too. A buck twenty-five for a pack of cards!! Are you kidding me?!

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  1. Nice addition to your Murphy PC. I've been slowly acquiring cellos and racks with stars or key rookies on top. They're fun to display... but start eating up space.