Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thanks for All the Memories

One advantage of living so close to work (roughly 2.5 miles) is that I go home for lunch on most days. Yesterday was one such day, and as I walked from our driveway to the house, I checked the mailbox-hoping to find a package. Not just any package, mind you, but a bubble mailer from COMC. It was waiting for me, but I waited to open it until after I ate my lunch. After all, man does not live on cardboard alone.

Among the ten or so cards were three Allen and Ginter minis for my daughter (Man's Best Friend inserts), a couple of Braves cards and a few Seahawks cards- including today's featured card, the super sweet 1989 Seahawks Police card of Steve Largent.

I'm a sucker for police set issues. This is my first football one- I have plenty of Braves police issues- and the first thing I noticed on the back of the card was the lack of the typical 'Stay in School' or 'Keep Away from Drugs' moralistic message. Nope, no tips on this one- ⎌just sponsor logos and a list of Steve's NFL records. And a great message thanking Steve for all the memories, to which I say, "Amen!"

Among the many memories from Largent's career was this play, in which he absolutely drilled Denver safety Mike Harden, here at 2:09.

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