Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Collector's Duty

The Major League regular season ended two days ago and I couldn't have been more relieved. What started out as an exciting year for the Braves (as they were overachieving) quickly began spiraling out of control as the team went 12-41 after sitting at .500 on July 7th. The team turned it around over their final fifteen games- going 10-5 during that time- but by then, I had lost interest. Go Seahawks!

In the midst of all of that misery, I discovered my interest in baseball cards had waned, too. And so it was with reluctance that I bought the Heritage High Number team set- kind of like I bought it out of shear duty. Going through the motions, as some might say.

However, when it arrived yesterday- the first day of the off-season- I found myself actually excited to open on the package. How did I know what the contents were? I had purchased only two items in the last couple of weeks (the regular high-number team set, and the one Braves SP from the set), and both arrived on the same day.

One of the positives about Topps putting out a High Number series is that it allows team set collectors like myself the opportunity to add many of the guys found in the flagship product. And as the flagship product continues to drive me away, this (and Archives) is a nice alternative.

The two cards I was most looking forward to adding to the collection: Peterson and Wisler. While Wisler turned things around the final month of the season, Jace proved himself to be the player I thought he'd be: a super-utility guy. Peterson has some nice tools, but too many plate appearances will expose his weaknesses. Hopefully he adjusts and proves me wrong.


  1. You're lucky. By July 7th... both of my teams' seasons were over. But I'm totally with you. Go Seahawks!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I just posted a similar post of how the lack of the Braves performance seemed to go hand in hand with my dwindling interest in baseball cards. However I love getting cards of players that are new to the team so I will have to pick up these Heritage team sets.

  3. If Topps really wanted to authentically replicate their 1966 Braves cards, they would have shown all the players without caps!