Monday, October 19, 2015

My Favorite Murphy

There's nothing like a stay-cation and being on your own schedule. I have a list of things I am thinking of doing (notice I didn't say want to do) but I'm in no hurry to get any of it done. Let's talk some baseball...

If you're following the NLCS, then you are aware of the Mets' Daniel Murphy and his amazin' home run binge. Not only has he hit homers in four straight games this post season (and 5 total), but he has hit them off the following pitchers: Clayton Kershaw (2), Zack Greinke, Jon Lester, and Jake Arietta. And by the way, these pitchers aren't exactly chopped liver.

Murphy's accomplishment is pretty dang impressive, especially considering that he's never been much of a home run hitter- his 14 during this year's regular season were a career high. And so I asked myself how does this binge compare to my favorite Murphy- Mr. Dale Murphy. A trip to answered my question, but not without scouring through a list of every home run hit by the former Braves icon.

Dale's streak for homers in consecutive games matches that of Daniel's, at four. He did this twice: in 1985 and then again in 1987.

The streak in 1985 came in April with one off of the Philies Charles Hudson (4/11), and then aginst the Padres' Andy Hawkins (4/12), Tim Stoddard (4,13), and LarMar Hoyt (4/14).

Dale did it again two years later against the Mets' Ron Darling (5/8), Terry Leach (5/9), and Sid Fernandez (5/10), with game number four coming against the Expos' Bob McClure on May 11. Murph would have a big game (including 2 doubles) on May 12th, but without homering, before hitting two bombs in a game against the Phillies on May 13. Oh, so close to six consecutive games. 


  1. Daniel's run has been insane. Can't wait to see if the streak continues tonight.

  2. Could not find a proper email for you....have 1989 Dubuque Smoltz in perfect shape, also have checklisted Dubuque/Lykes/Bryan as best I could. Beckett is incomplete -- I know because I provided that content years ago and have found several 89s since then. If you have extras, especially from 1997-up, let me know and you can have Smoltz for trade.

  3. I can be reached at!