Saturday, November 7, 2015

Sans Bubblegum

Sometime back, I received a package from Jeff over at Wish They Still Came with Bubblegum. Jeff's a fellow Braves fan/collector and was the recipient of a Braves care package I had sent out. In return, not only did he send me some Braves cards- but he also sent me some much needed (and appreciated) Seahawks cards. The only thing missing from this great pack of cards? Bubblegum.

Having passed up this year's Allen & Ginter set meant no Andrelton Simmons-or any other Brave, for that matter. And so it was a nice surprise to see a card of the Braves defensive wizard and will be a nice addition to the binder. A second Ginter card, of Nick Markakis,  was added as well. Does anyone know why one would have brown/bronze colored fonts, while the other has blue? Is it a parallel thing?

Other cards included the victim of horrible offensive run support- Mr Shelby Miller-

a card of Doggie


and A.J. Minter, the 75th overall pick in the 2015 draft and who was considered to be a first-round talent prior to the Tommy John surgery that prematurely ended his junior season at Texas A&M.

Jeff also included this awesome 1997 Collector's Choice Team retail team set

Among the many Seahawks cards, I was most excited to see three from the 1993 Topps set:

and these two from Upper Deck's first two offerings:

and a local guy, of sorts. Though he was born in Missoula, Mt., John Friesz spent much of his early life in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho before going to school at the University of Idaho- where he was an All-American quarterback and winner of the Walter Payton Award (given for the nation's most outstanding player at the 1-AA level). John would eventually be named to the College Football Hall of Fame in 2006. San Diego would draft Friesz in the 6th round of the 1990 NFL draft and he would go on to have an 11-year career, spent with four teams (San Diego, Washington, Seattle and New England).

Thanks again, Jeff, for the nice bunch of cards!


  1. Do you need a 2015 Chrome Braves team set by any chance?

    1. Thanks, but no, not a team set. Have an extra Simba?