Sunday, December 13, 2015

Great Pages in the Annals of Topps #1: 1978 (649-657)

The only way to enjoy a set is to put the cards in 9-pocket pages and then placing them in a binder. And every once in a while you come across a gem that makes you believe that either an artist or a poet was at work in the construction of the checklist. It's time for a look at a great page in the annals of Topps sets...

Best Card on Page: Cesar Cedeno
Do I have to mention why this is such a great card? Not only was Cedeno a stud on the diamond, but we have a tequila sunrise uniform sighting. Legendary.

The Names!!!
Let's see... we have a Moose, a Pepe, and a freaking Bombo! You're lucky to have one of these great names on any given page, but a page with 3? This very well might be the greatest 'Names' page in the history of cardboard.

Final Card
Sadly, this year featured the final card of rising star Lyman Bostock, who was murdered September 23, 1978.

Blue Jay Blues
C'mon- admit it. Those original uniforms of the Toronto Blue Jays may not be out-of-the-stratosphere type of greatness, but they're pretty dang sweet. And Doug Radar possesses a championship caliber stare down.

Speaking of Uniforms... We also have cameo's by the Montreal Expos and the very underrated Milwaukee Brewer's 'M' hat. This page just keeps getting better!!

We all love checklist cards, so any page that features on of these can't be all that bad.

Sorry, Ron and Dave- but there's just not much to get excited about your cards.

Page Ranking- Replacement/Regular/All-Star/Hall of Fame:
Hall of Fame

Thanks for reading.

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