Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Countdown to 2016 Topps #14: Trade with Remember the Astrodome

It's become pretty rare to see a Major League staff throw 10 complete games over the course of a single season. Even more rare? A pitcher who does that very same thing. But a pitcher that throws 10 shutouts in a season? Unheard of! There have been six pitchers since 1961 to have accomplished this feat- the last of them being John Tudor, who threw 10 for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1985. We're two weeks away from the release of 2016 Topps, folks. 

Like the pitcher who throws a shutout, trades that are chock-full of needs- without any doubles or non-essential (i.e. unwanted) cards- are a rare thing. And to receive something you've never seen of your main guy- well, that's Sandy Kofax, Dean Chance, Juan Marichal, Bob Gipson, Jim Palmer, and John Tudor territory. This is the kind of trade package I received recently from Bru over at Remember the Astrodome. Well, not the kind received, but what I actually received in my first ever trade with the man.

Not only did Bru include cards from 1981, he also included enough 1984's to fill his beloved Astrodome. Well, maybe not quite- but you get the picture...

Thumbing through all these cards took me back to my childhood- I felt like I was fourteen again. I didn't open much stuff from 1984, but had opened plenty of the 1981 packs from not only Topps, but Donruss and Fleer as well.

What's this?!!! I have to admit, I don't claim to be an expert in Dale Murphy cards. But, it's not very often I see something and react the way I did when I set my eyes upon this beautiful thing.

At first I thought it was some promo for a Slurpee Disc, but turn the card over and I see it's from Sportflics. Hmm. Interesting. While not on your typical cardstock, it is thicker than a page from a magazine. It must have been inserted into Sportflics packs? Anyone?

Thanks for the trade, Bru- and how could we ever forget that glorious dome?! 

and who could ever forget this:


  1. Is that the Braves Bible depicted next to the Murph-disc?

    1. Yeah, I was wondering just what that was supposed to be. Did Sportsflics come with stickers? Perhaps it was a photo of one of the stickers, if they included them.

  2. Hey there! Catching up on some blogs today, finally. Glad you liked the trade!

    The Murphy promo was inserted into 1987 Sportflics packs.