Saturday, January 16, 2016

Countdown to 2016 Topps #18: From One Lifetime Project to Another

I was really hoping that a couple of recent trades would provide me with some material to feature in the Countdown. Charlie from the awesome Lifetime Topps Project blog didn't disappoint. 

I contacted Charlie a few weeks ago about a card that I had pulled from a pack of 2015 Update- an All-Star Stitches card of Albert Pujols. Charlie had posted a want-list right around that time and it coincided nicely with the timing of me pulling the card. In exchange, he sent me a number of cards needed from my 'lifetime Topps' project, which I recently picked back up on (1977-current year).

Let's take a look at what Charlie sent...

He even threw in a few of the great Greg Maddux.

Thanks again for the trade, Charlie!

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